Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to Use Talent To Stand Out

As a high school administrator, I like to reflect on my experiences on what I witnessed during the week and over the weekend.   A couple of weeks ago I was able to see my students accomplish and perform in ways that words cannot explain.  Watching students sing, perform, compete and reach goals fills any administrator with pride.  Afterwards, what really gets you thinking and wondering about the talent you just witnessed is, “How are these kids so successful at what they do?” 

We think the same way outside of education.  When we see people who are really good in different areas, we are amazed.  Once we see the talent at hand, we eventually fall back to the question above.  One could mention many factors that help produce a product of success.  I believe the factors that lead to success are areas that fall under the umbrella of good, old-fashioned talent.

I believe there are 5 factors to making sure the talent you posses allows you to stand out:

1.  Dedication

If you don’t grind or want it bad enough, you won’t achieve it.  If you don’t dedicate yourself to the end goal of what you want, you will not achieve your goal.  It may sound elementary, but it really is that simple.  People who have talent and don’t let it go to waste are dedicated to their craft.

2. “We Talkin’ About Practice?”

Contrary to what Allen Iverson says, practice is vital if you are going to let your talent shine.  If you don’t put the time in, don’t expect much in return.  That goes for a lot of things in life.  The most talented people are always the ones who work the hardest.

3. Use Your Support

It is important to be able to lean on others and pick others up when they need it.  Everyone that has talent will always tell you that they wouldn’t be where they are without the support of others.  Surround yourself with great people to get the greatest results.

4. Nothing Beats Passion

When you have talent, to get the most out of it, you have to love what you do and what you are a part of.  Talent alone will sometimes let you stand out for a little while, but it doesn’t keep you out in front of your competition.  If you’re not passionate, you will be just like everyone else.  If you use your passion and your talent, everyone else will have to catch you.

5. Expect Success

Bruce Lee had a famous quote, “If I tell you I’m good, you will say I’m boasting.  But if I tell you I’m not good, you know I’m lying.”  People with talent expect success.  They believe in themselves, they have an attitude about them.  When you mix talent with the four factors above, why wouldn’t someone expect success?

Many people are talented, but do they have what it takes to extend that talent to transform lives?  As an administrator, I get to see students who transform lives everyday.  Seeing students use their talent to stand out drives me as an educator to try to get better each day.   In my opinion, that’s the beauty of seeing and experiencing talent that is strengthened each day.  It makes us all strive for more.

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  1. I needed a kick in the butt Bobby and this did it for me. Back to the grind!