Saturday, May 24, 2014

Remember to Leave Your Legacy

When the school year winds down, many seniors in high school actually just start to begin to think.  Yes, you read it correctly.  Instead of thinking about senior pranks, what score they need on final to pass the course, or how they can exempt their exams, they begin to think about what we call life.  They think about leaving their current surroundings, the possibility of meeting new people and taking on new challenges and opportunities.  Thoughts constantly swirl, “Am I ready?” “Where did time go?” “What exactly do I do next?”  We’ve all been there.  What I believe the really important question seniors should be asking themselves is, “What have I left behind? What is my legacy?”

As seniors, you have the whole world in front of you.  In high school, you built relationships that affected others most notably your friends, teachers, and community members.  These relationships, sometimes good or bad, are a part of your high school legacy.  The good part is, as an 18 year old, your true legacy will be defined as you live the rest of your life.  Trust me that is a good thing.  Leaving a positive, lasting legacy in high school is not easy to do.  With your future, you can think about legacy now at a young age and be able to dictate the rest of your life by realizing what your legacy should be and what you choose your legacy to be.   

As you approach your graduation day, look back on your high school years and reminisce. Think about your successes and failures.  Most importantly, don’t sweat your legacy. If you dont feel like you inspired many in high school, dont worry about it.  Your time to inspire will come in due time.  Take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves throughout your life.  Always remember as you continue to grow as a student and into adulthood that the inspiration of today will lead to your legacy of tomorrow.