Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PLN: I'm Only Human

Educational conferences are sometimes a mixed bag.  Sometimes you will find one that looks really interesting and proves to be beneficial, other times you will go to one that is not worth the fee you paid to attend.  The best part about conferences are not the sessions and that doesn't matter what conference you attend.  It goes beyond that.  It about the connections, collaboration, and discussions.  As Tom Whitby recently stated in his blog, "Discussions of education that do not take place in school buildings can take place with educators of varied experience to share and elaborate. This is the fodder for reflection. Reflection goes a long way in changing the way we approach things. It often prompts change and promotes reform."  The reflection is the key, especially when you get the opportunity to do it with your PLN.  

Any chance you get to meet your PLN in person is something you need to take advantage of.  The human connections you make allow you to grow and evolve as an educator and as a person.  A 140 character tweet or a pin on a Pinterest Board cannot replace these connections.  The opportunity to speak with people about areas of education and/or life is vital.  Do not sell short the importance of human connections.

My next few blogs will be about my experiences at two recent conferences: Ohio Educational Technology Conference (#OETC14) & the National Association of Secondary School Principals (#NASSP14).  I will be discussing the importance of Tweet Peeps, the significance of great session presentations and how they can improve your schools, and what conferences should really be marketing.  Stay tuned.

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